Thursday, June 4, 2009

San Jose History Museum

San Jose History Museum has a wonderful collection of buildings from the city's past. The museum is free during the weekday afternoons and you can pretty much have the place to yourself, although the buildings aren't open. I found a wonderful peekaboo spot where I could see the romantically titled "Dashaway Stables" above a sea of pink and blue hydrangea. Unfortunately my perspective is a little off and the lettering less than perfect - which I blame entirely on my wearing sunglasses rather than my reading glasses! Located in South Second Street in 1888, the original building was destroyed in 1928. Dashaway was a premier stable offering a wide range of horse drawn vehicles for rent in which to see the scenic beauty of Santa Clara Valley. We'll return here in July and look at more of the buildings.I went next door to the Japanese Friendship Garden, which is gorgeous this time of year. The maples offer a delicate splash of red or gold amongst the multitude of greens. There is a beautiful view to contemplate at every turn. All appears serene and cultured in this park. Although I learned that sadly the famed Koi are depleted due to a herpes virus and will have to be replaced.