Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring blossom

Gorgeous! - that was the day - rather than my artwork! After a bit of a hiatus (due to vacations and colds!) I'm back to painting. Today we visited the Sunnyvale Heritage Museum and Orchard. The planets must have aligned just so for today to be so perfect. The trees were in blossom, the mustard glowed yellow around the base of the gnarled tree trunks, and the sun shone intermittently between colorful clouds. The orchard was such an appealing view - unfortunately my painting does not do it justice. After a chatty lunch with other plein air painters I did a quick sketch of the gray barn, then went into the museum. I don't normally bother with guided tours, preferring to make my own way around museums. However, this time I got chatting to one of the docents, Jim, and he gave me a wonderful tour and potted history of the Murphy family and Sunnyvale. I learned a lot and Jim did a great job of answering my questions and pointing out items of particular interest to me. Its a great little museum in a lovely setting.