Friday, November 21, 2014

Open Studio in December!

It's been 10 years since I last did an open studio, but I've been painting a lot this year so I've decided it's time!  My super talented daughter, Kat will also display her work.  So come along and see what we've been up to this year.
You are welcome at my house on Saturday December 6th, 11am - 5pm.  Look out for an email from me with details.

Clos Le Chance Winery, San Martin, in the rain

Rust colored vines, moist gray clouds
Fermenting grapes season the air
This is a gorgeous spot, even in the rain!  The weather couldn't make up it's mind - rainy, cloudy, rainy, oh sun for one minute, then rainy again... the trials of plein air.  My sketch below was the first one, which mother nature decided to have a heavy hand in! Raindrops really took over and it looks for all the world like I threw a ton of salt on it!

Santa Theresa Park

Sketches from a hike last week at Santa Theresa.  The clouds threatened rain, but it held off and just gave me some misty hills to paint.  This park is great for hiking and getting different views, but its rather rocky underfoot so I was glad I wore boots.