Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A mixed bag!

I've done a mix of things lately, and been very lax in posting anything. Tsk,tsk! Anyway here they are, in no particular order.
First an abstract acrylic in Teal. I started off with collage and let the paint and paper tell me what to do. It was a lot of fun so I intend to repeat that process again very soon.
Teal Abstract, Acrylic
The next piece is completely on the other end of the scale. A pencil drawing called "Secret Valley". Its part of my valley series which started out with Thiebaud inspired drawings and watercolors. I've included a few of the creatures I see around my garden.
Secret Valley

The next painting is from our SCVWS trip to Gilroy Gardens. That was a wonderful day out, with lots of fun things to paint.  I enjoyed the color of the rides and this balloon ride looked especially interesting through the trees.  It was darned hard to paint though as it was on the move all the time - quite a challenge. A subject that is probably better rendered in the studio.

Here is a little pencil drawing of my sister's dog, Lily.  She loves her tennis balls!

Finally here's a couple of drawings I am working on. The Stanford rain one is a beginning sketch done from a plein air painting I did last year. The Rooftops one is a value study loosely based on a photo I took in England this summer.

Stanford in the rain