Thursday, December 4, 2014

Teaser for our "Mother/Daughter" Open Studio!

This is just some of my artwork which will be on display Saturday for my first Open Studio!  I'm very excited - especially as some wonderful people have actually said they will come! Yay - THANKYOU!! :)
I have already sold one painting but I have lots more work to show and Kat, my daughter, will have her lovely posters and cuddly crafts on display too.  I think we'll put on a good show.  See you there!

Murphy Street, Sunnyvale

Another great day plein air painting, this time on Murphy Street in Sunnyvale.  We arrived before the stores had really opened so it was fairly quiet, although the wonderful aromas from all the restaurants had my stomach growling before I even started painting!  Above is my view before stores opened, below is the same view after they opened.  My second painting was much quicker, looser and more fun (for me anyway!)  I loved the mannequins that the Isobella Boutique put out on the street.