Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jaya King Workshop

I'm on a high right now from an excellent SCVWS workshop with Jaya King. It was great fun and I learned some new techniques which I think are going to be very helpful to me. Thanks to Jaya and the SCVWS workshop team who created a great experience all round.
Here are photos of the progress of my piece;
I started out with some colorful gouache mud on my wood panel!

The next stage involves lifting the gouache to create highlights - and somehow a figure appears  

More lifting and creating "clouds"

After spraying with fixative

Day 2 - application of acrylics and collage

End point - the collage was a challenge for me, but it was fun

A second piece I did to see if I could do a face using Jayas's reference photo
I did a little collage on this, but it's not finished. This is on gessoed matboard.