Saturday, May 19, 2012

More mucking about with acrylics

Foil piece

Today Sue and I had another artistic get together to see what more we could do with our crazy acrylic pieces. We decided to utilize sketches we already had. I added a drawing of a deer to my foil piece. It was a challenge as there is a lot of rough texture on it so the form is still a little vague and the crackle paste I put on last time is a bit dominant yet.
Deer Hunters

On my other piece I had black gessoed over the initial trials and then put a washy layer of white gesso with cling film on that. Once that dried I sketched the deer in and started painting.  As it developed I began to see figures in the background and am in the process of bringing them out.  I added some foil to this piece.  It will get further layers of paint - and depending on how it comes out it may either be finished or gessoed again!
I like the foil technique a lot so I've been going around the house and garden taking foil impressions of anything I can find. All silly fun!