Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pete's Harbor

Studio painting on paper
Above is my second attempt at this scene - done in the studio from my plein air painting.
Plein air painting on watercolor canvas
Pete's Harbor is a favorite place of mine to paint and last Thursday I had high hopes of creating a good painting on watercolor canvas.  Unfortunately my plein air mojo has left me and it was a bit of a disaster!  The first painting I washed off (great thing about the watercolor canvas!) because the composition was bad. Then I had another go after lunch and that was only a little better.  I had drawn on the canvas with a pencil and that was a bad mistake because second time around I ended up with a scribbled boat floating in the middle of my sky. I had to paint a big pink cloud over it!

Rusty Stuff

I've been attending Kay Duffy's drop-in art class at Hakone Gardens and having a lot of fun with watercolors. Two weeks ago we did rusty stuff using lots of different things like wax paper, salt, cardboard etc., to create texture. Here's my  piece.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I spent a couple of days in the wonderful company of other women artists down in Carmel. 
On day One we went to Point Lobos and saw a couple of elderly people watching the crabs in the tide pools

A view of Carmel Valley Ranch from the Organic Garden

Lovers Point Beach
The beach was a wonderful place for people watching. Lots of little children jumped in and out of the waves.  Sue and I found some wonderful kelp and stuff on the beach and fun making a beach collage with it!
Kelp - all sorts of interesting textures and colors!

Sketches from Boston - June

Back in June I visited Boston and managed a few pen sketches.
Courtyard of the Aloft Hotel Lexington

Citgo Sign - famous Boston Landmark

View of Harvard Bridge and Prudential Center from Memorial Drive