Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Los Gatos Old Town

One of the fun (or scary!) things about painting outdoors is the possibility that people will be interested in what you are doing. I was approached by shoppers many times while sketching down in Los Gatos Old Town last week. One wide eyed little boy was wowed by my artistic talent (bless him!!) and told me that he likes to draw and paint all kinds of things. I hope that his youthful enthusiasm will stay with him and that his talents will be nurtured. Too often art is one of the first things to fall off the curriculum when budgets are tight. Yet when we examine other cultures, and even our own history, we look to art to show us what people do and how they think. Art is crucial in our assessment of how great a civilization has become. Hopefully no one is assessing the whole of Western culture based on my little sketches, but it's good to be reminded that art is a communal joy - not just a secret pleasure to be enjoyed alone in your studio!

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Excellent point! :D