Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drawing at Oakland Zoo

Eland and Giraffe
I love to draw animals and today was my first visit to Oakland Zoo. I enjoyed it enormously. The white handed gibbon was doing all sorts of acrobatics in the trees - obviously enjoyed showing off! The Giant tortoises were being tended to by several keepers and they moved around a bit like lumbering tanks. The Eland were very cool - and a couple of them had a little sparring match which of course was impossible to capture with the pencil - although I tried!

Giant Tortoise

White Handed Gibbon

Eland fighting and a giraffe


Simiang Gibbons and Chimpanzees
Although I didn't draw tigers, they were the most amazing part of the visit. Four tigers in one enclosure and all of them up and active - they were incredible to watch! Can't wait for my next zoo trip!

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