Friday, March 22, 2013

Thiebaud Inspired

Thiebaud inspired landscape #3

Sue and I have been looking at the work of Wayne Thiebaud and getting inspired by his landscapes and use of perspective. In order to understand his work we decided to copy of one of his paintings. The one I picked to copy was originally an oil painting 72 x 72 inches. My copy was in watercolor and a mere 19 inches square. That difference in scale and media creates a lot of problems on its own! I didn't think I had learned much - but decided to try painting in his style from one of my own plein air sketches. This was a little more instructional.
Then I took a break to make a cuppa, and BINGO! I looked out of my dining room window onto the perfect Thiebaud landscape! I immediately got out my sketchbook and started drawing. Suddenly I was able to think more clearly about exaggerating perspective and simplifying shapes. The view went from being impossibly complex, to something I could manipulate as I desired. Thank you Thiebaud!
My copy of Thiebaud's "Y River"
Thiebaud influence #1

Thiebaud influence #2

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