Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alum Rock Park Hike and Sketch

I have always loved this little stone bridge by the mineral springs.  Its like something from a fairy story - I expect a troll to appear from underneath.  Here was a school party looking for funnel web spiders - I hope they didn't see any! 
A fitting end to our reign as paintsite coordinators.  Brad brought coffee and pastries, the weather was perfect, and we had the best turnout ever for a hike and sketch with 16 participants - amazing!  Jenny and I were thrilled.
This was right before our lunch stop. Getting down at creek level was perfect.

A 5 minute sketch sat in the blistering sun!  The view from the South Rim trail was amazing, but it was way too hot to sit in the sun for any longer than 5 minutes so it was a case of splash on some paint and hope for the best.

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