Thursday, April 1, 2010

Calero Hike and Sketch

View from above Los Cerritos Pond

Another glorious day, perfect for hiking and sketching on the Calero Regional Park hills. There were some wildflowers out and it was warm enough to dispense with jackets once we got going. We started with a quick sketch in the car park. We had a wonderful clear view of Mount Hamilton in the distance with its cluster of telescopes on the summit.Mt Hamilton (from the car park)
We hiked up a steepish trail to Los Cerritos Pond. From here we had views across the rolling green hills to the distant purple mountains. We were serenaded by redwinged blackbirds who flew among the reeds in the pond. Above us hawks and vultures soared. It was a very peaceful and serene spot.
I struggled with trying to capture the panorama in watercolor and after a couple of attempts went back to my brush pens and sketchbook for subsequent sketches.Wildflowers on the trail
We did another couple of stops and had lunch. We all enjoyed the peace and quiet of the park on a beautiful spring day.

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