Thursday, April 1, 2010

Santa Clara Mission

We were lucky with the weather today - sunny, but cold. I needed sunscreen and a hat and gloves! The clouds were looking threatening, which meant we could have some fun with the skies. Not so much cobalt blue or cerulean, more of the grays and purples, yay! And, for once, we weren't driven crazy by the lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
The Wisteria was blooming nicely over the walkway next to the church and it seemed like every other bush and plant had flowers too. I set up behind the church building, with just a hint of the church tower peeking amongst the foliage. However, I "removed" some of the palm trees trunks which should be on the right so I could put in more sky.
At one point I was stalked by one of the local cats, who was apparently attracted by the movements I was making behind the bushes. When this black and white carnivore got close enough he realized I was too big to hunt and decided instead to see if I had anything good to eat in my paintbox!
Just for fun, here's my painting from this site back in 2008, a much warmer day I think.

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