Thursday, April 1, 2010


Old Sacramento, outside the Railway Museum

Spent a fun weekend up in Sacramento, staying at the Citizen Hotel. We were a short walk from the State Capitol Building and Capitol Park which is a beautiful area during the day (I was told by another visitor that the park is full of homeless people at night).
Here is a scribbly view from our hotel window
and a couple of sketches of the Tower Bridge, a vertical lift bridge spanning the Sacramento River. Old Sacramento School House (Tower Bridge in background)
I was hoping to see the bridge raise up for a ship to go under, but the only excitement was a protest march about education cuts. The marchers made quite an impressive noise as I was sketching the School House in Old Sacramento, and then I caught them going back over the bridge after I'd had lunch. I'd forgotten my usual sepia pens for drawing, so had to make do with a biro from my purse,

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