Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dick Zunkel Demo at Los Gatos Plaza Park

The last sketch I did, using brush pens not the dip pen. My fountain looks more like a collection of ghosts!

Thursday's demo by Dick Zunkel was excellent. It reintroduced me to the joy of drawing with dip pens and ink - I had forgotten what wonderfully expressive lines you can get with them. The only problem was that the ink seemed to get everywhere! Dick's style is very loose and dynamic and looks deceptively easy. I had a hard time getting to grips with it - I think I should have been working on larger paper.

I caught the Western Wheelers having lunch right in front of us. Drawn directly with the pen.

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Mary Paquet said...

Sylvia, you are the master of plein air! I especially like how you captured the cyclists, my kindred spirits!

You and Jenny do such a fabulous job as chairs of this group and you really have "taken it up a notch" with the demos and events you have arranged. I loved Dick's demo and I want to get the right supplies to do more of this approach.